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Sav blog #001 • Introducing Savannah • ABOUT US

Posted on January 31 2017

Savannah was born from three women with very different personalities, very different body types and very different views on underwear.
The first has a penchant for lingerie design – an obsession almost. The second is forever seeking the ultimate in comfort, while the third searches for unfaltering support.  
At Savannah we’ve found there to be plenty of brands that have either or. Either great design, great material or great price. But finding all three elements in one brand is pretty rare, and we wanted a collection with it all: beautiful design, comfortable support and luxury materials - all at an accessible price.
Two years of research, 83 samples and a whole lot of love later – our first collection has launched with 5 bras, 6 pants, 2 bodies and some line complementing accessories.
The inspiration for Savannah was created through our determination to achieve the double threat; fashionable, luxury designs with comfort and support.  Since we’ve always been drawn to the powerful look of hardware in lingerie design, we wanted to bridge the gap between what most people consider bondage/BDSM – and everyday lingerie, integrating the two. At the end of the day, this range is all about how underwear makes you feel. At Savannah, we want your every day to feel special. 

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