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Sav blog #004 • The perfect fit • Tips and tricks

Posted on September 27 2017

The right bra will change your life. Feeling good is empowering and getting the right fit for your bra is the first step to getting there. 

Unfortunately more than 70% of women in the world wear incorrectly fitted bras, and even if there is no one magic equation there are some tips that will take you one step closer to that perfect fit. 

A good place to start is the Bra FIT Calculators, check here two types that we like: http://www.lindasonline.com/bra-fitting-calculator.html 


Before you agree that the result is a good fit, check these Savannah tips and tricks:

SAVANNAH - The perfect fit from Savannah Lingerie on Vimeo.


Another option is to calculate your size based on the bra you're wearing now. For example: 36C. First measure the band size around your rib cage and add 5 to this measure and that should be your band size. 

If this measurement is different than your bra size, say 32, then position your 36C in the chart below and go up two space: 32E >> this is your real bra measurement. Snug fitted band is a must!

Always calculate the feel following the tips and tricks video. 

How cups work: all cups are not equal, an A cup on a 32A and an A cup on a 36A vary. You will need to go up a cup size if your boobs are spilling, supporting the underwire or lifting the bra and also if your band size has decreased. You will want to go down if your boobs are drowning in the cup, the underwire is digging in your armpit, there are empty spaces between the bra and your boobs, or if your band size has increased. 

Remember that women's boobs are always changing, call it hormones, weight loss or gain, age, motherhood, etc. Don't get fixated in a bra size, our boobs don't stay the same so neither should your bra. 
For more info visit our size chart or email us at hello@savannahlingerie.co.uk

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